Ak-Su, Kyrgyzstan - Polarsteps

We leave for a 2-day hike! First stop; the local bazar. We buy a backpack, food and a knife .. and we're good to go.. The hike is beautiful, and we're actually happy that the sun is not shining, because otherwise it would've been more challenging. After two-and-a-half hour we stop for an hour, have lunch and sleep a bit. We drink water from the small streams, which is really nice, cold and fresh. After 4.5 hours we finally arrive at the destination.. It's a valley with hot springs :D. We shock the whole village because I join the man in the bath. We meet some Polish, German and French people. At night we have dinner and talk about travelling (one of the guys was a war photographer in Afghanistan in the eighties!), politics and other fun stuff.
  1. Meet the stans
  2. Ak-Su