Kénitra, Morocco - Polarsteps

It’s 90 km from Moulay Bousselham to Kenitra. There is no accommodation in between, so I chose a patch of forest I’ve found on google maps to camp there. When I arrived, two cyclists and a guy on a scooter came just out of that forest. I asked what was going on and they told me you can’t camp here. Apparently they had incidents with tourists before and the job of the guy on the scooter is to make sure everyone would be save. The next place to stay is Station Belil Azla he told us. A quick search on Google Maps showed it’s 15 km away. That would mean I’d arrive way past sundown. I wasn’t happy about that, but ensured the local guy I’d get there. I started to walk. Scooter-guy would come back every 15 minutes or so and ask me to drive me there. I always declined and said that I’d rather walk. Eventually though another guy in a car showed up and identified himself as police. He wanted me to get in the car so he can drive me to the station. Unfortunately there was no way of convincing him that I’d like to walk those last 7 km. I knew the day would come where I’d be forced to leave my walking route. I’d just hoped it’d be later. Way later. Well, tomorrow morning I’ll have to find someone to drive me back there so I can continue to walk from where I was stopped.
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