Settat, Morocco - Polarsteps

My second attempt to camp also failed. As last time, I picked a patch of forest next to the road. I arrived early, about two hours before sunset, so my plan was to hide in the forest until it is dark. This was kinda hard though, the forest was very open and see through. No scrub or bushes, the trees were planted in rows. And then, to my unpleasant surprise, a herd of sheep walked by. Ten minutes later a heard of goats. The farmers did see me, but I hoped I’ll be all right. Just past sunset, when I started to put my tent up, a car stopped and two guys approached. I immediately recognized the police as one of them was in uniform. I put my tent back in my backpack and was driven to the police station where they checked my passport. They were very nice and explained that it‘s not save to camp there. When I asked where I can sleep they pointed to a woman wo was standing outside of the station with us. I was invited to her home which was just a couple of minutes away. Sadia lives there with her son Ali. We had some tea and I was fed a great dinner. It was nice to have some authentic Moroccan food and not the usual cookies I have for dinner when I’m camping. Even though it is great to experience Moroccan hospitality, I’m not sure anymore what I can do when there is no accommodation. Failing at wild camping twice shattered my confidence to try again. The plan now is to get to Marrakech without camping, which means two days of around 60 km. It’ll be tough.
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