Agadir Ida Ou Tanane, Morocco - Polarsteps

A pair of socks lasts about a week. Shoes about a month. My current shoes will still be OK for another couple hundred kilometers, but I’m down to my last pair of socks and Agadir is the last mayor city for a while, so I did a little detour to stock up. Shoe shopping on this trip is never fun. I’m walking up to 12 hours a day, so my shoes and socks have terrible odor. Like really terrible. When I’m in a hotel, I always put them in the bathroom to not stink up the place. Just before I went in the shop, I changed my socks to at least reduce that odor. But I knew my shoes are still stinking a lot. So when I was at the tracking shoe isle, I waited until I’m alone there. I quickly tried three pairs, chose one and went straight to the cashier. I’m happy it’ll be at least another month until I have to go shoe shopping again.
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