Laâyoune-Boujdour-Sakia El Hamra, Morocco - Polarsteps

For tonight, I asked at a police checkpoint if I could camp there. It was still early, but this way I’d have a nice 40 km today and tomorrow. First, one of the officers wasn’t too happy about it. He said I should take a taxi to Boujdour. But when I explained to him that I walked all the way from Germany to here, he gave in. They said I can camp in the building under construction, which was right next to the station. The last two nights I was camping as well. Yesterday I arrived at a gas station, which had some military buildings around. I wanted to ask someone if I could put my tent down somewhere, but there was no one around. So I just set up my tent behind one the buildings. No one seemed to have noticed or cared. The night before that, I went behind a hill so I’d be hidden from the road. There was nothing but desert around me. Those are the camps I like the most.
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