Oued Ed-Dahab, Morocco - Polarsteps

Dakhla would have been an 80 km detour and I didn’t really need anything from a town (except maybe a shower), that’s why I skipped it. I always told the police that that’s where I’m going. Also, they haven’t called me in three days, so I thought they stopped surveying me. They didn’t. When I arrived at Chika gas station to buy water and food, a police car stopped and as usually, they checked my passport. The officer was super nice and asked if I wanted to stay here at the station. I did like to walk another 10 km though. That way the day tomorrow won’t be too long. He agreed. I walked for around 1.5 hours, then I saw the police car waiting for me around a corner. The officer wanted to know where I intended to sleep. I told him that I’m looking for military stations where I could camp. He knew the area though and the next one would be 20 km away. It was too late to walk that far. Then I explained to him that I have everything with me to camp somewhere and that I’ll be fine. He said he knows that, but unfortunately he has this notice. He handed me a piece of paper with French writing on it. It seemed to be a telegram. My French isn’t the best anymore but I did understand that this is a request to keep surveying me. It had all my information on it. It seems I’ll have to play by their rules for the last 250 km to the border. We returned to Chika station and the officer promised, he’ll drive me back to where I was picked up at 8:00 the next morning. When I put my tent down, he even brought me some water, tee and some snacks. I think the felt sorry. Which kinda makes me feel sorry for the trouble I cause the police. They all have been exceptionally nice. I’m sure they are indeed just concerned for my well being.
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