Oued Ed-Dahab, Morocco - Polarsteps

There is only one place within the 160 km from Chika station to the community Bir Gandouz. It’s a new cafe and I could spend the night on a mattress. I was glad not to have to put up my tent as it was extremely windy. The strongest winds I’ve had in the Sahara Desert yet. To my surprise, the cafe had decent WiFi. But also to my surprise, they did not have water to sell. Apparently, they were still waiting for the delivery. I had no other choice than to fill my backpack with soft drinks. It wasn’t the tastiest in the desert heat. After another wild camp, I finally arrived in Bir Gandouz. It‘s been 11 days without a shower. I checked into Hotel Barbas, went to the shop to get some shampoo and soap and finally could enjoy a hot shower. It feels great to be clean again. It might not last long though, there is still a lot of desert to come.
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