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When I was leaving Western Sahara, I was told that they are closing the borders because of the corona virus. That meant, when I leave, I won’t be allowed back in, even if things won’t work out on the Mauritanian border. I took the risk. It was 4 kilometers from Western Sahara to Mauritania. That small strip of no mans land was littered with car carcasses. It felt like walking through a war zone. On the border to Mauritania, I was very lucky. They also closed the border due to the corona virus outbreak. But since I spent 2 month in Morocco and wasn’t in Europe recently, I was allowed to enter. I met some Spanish guys traveling with cars just outside of the border and they told me they were refused to enter. I wonder how things worked out for them since Morocco and Mauritania have closed borders. I hope they are not having them stay in no mans land. The border crossing went very smoothly, I got my visa, exchanged money, bought some water and food and off I went. I’m skipping Nouadhibou to go straight to Nouakchott. It’s been over a month of desert and I’m ready for some sand free walking.
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