Nouadhibou, Mauritania - Polarsteps

I stayed a night in a hotel to charge up my phone and power bank. In the evening the police came with the governor of that district. I was asked some questions about where I’ve been and how I got there. Then they took my passport and said I’ll get it back the next morning. Later two doctors knocked on my door to check my temperature. It seemed OK, maybe a little hot, but apparently it’s still normal. Nevertheless, they gave me some medicine I have to take. This Corona thing got me worried that I might not make it to Senegal. I was checked once more in the morning by another doctor. Again, everything was OK. They handed me my passport back and I was free to go. I’m still worried though. Surely the border to Senegal will be closed. I’ll have to find out when I’m in Nouakchott and have some internet. The mobile data I’m using now is extremely slow and unreliable. That’s why I can’t upload pictures at the moment. I’ll add some once I have a better connection.
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