Istanbul, Turkey - Polarsteps

The traffic in Istanbul was probably the worst I have ever encountered. At some point we moved maybe 2 kilometres an hour. I only wanted to visit the Blue Mosque then head straight to Turkeys capital city Ankara. I managed to find a parking spot not too far away from the mosque. Unfortunately the meter maid misunderstood me and only booked one hour instead of the two I wanted. He also couldn’t change the ticked, he said I need to get back in one hour to extend. It looked l have to rush the Blue Mosque. I managed to get to the mosque in 20 minutes instead of the 30 that my navigation app said it’ll take. That gave me 20 minutes to take some pictures and get back to the car in time. Due to the immense time lost from traffic I didn’t make it to Ankara, I instead stayed in Düzce, half way between Istanbul and the capitol.
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