Baku, Azerbaijan - Polarsteps

I parked my car at Nakhchivan Airport to take a flight to Baku. It’s been a fantastic three days with best weather ☀️ You can’t buy your return ticket from Baku at the ticket office in Nakhchivan, so I thought, I’ll just get it when I’m there. Turned out it’s not that easy. First it took me a while to find the travel agency selling the tickets. Once I found it, I picked a number for the queue. It said number 389 and the current number being served was 112 🥺 It took a whole 4 hours to get to a counter only to be told that the next tickets available are on the 19th. That’s more than 2 weeks away and I didn’t really want to leave my car at Nakhchivan airport that long, so I asked what options I have. Luckily there was a free business class ticket on Monday. Costing only around 75 EUR, I quickly agreed. That way my first time flying business class, …loved it! ☺️
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