Bangkok, Thailand - Polarsteps

Touch down! Immediately got ripped off by a taxi driver. Found the hostel quite easily, though, and then I didn't leave it for 3 days. I had no idea how to feed myself. Ate terrible street food, and brushed my teeth with tap water. The air con was freezing. The streets were boiling. Monks and stray cats everywhere. Missed everything about Canada and was questioning why I was doing this to myself! Went on the ferry to the reclining Buddha. Got lost in the streets. Saw so many temples! The walking meditation temple was my favorite. Lizard in the park. Cool squirrels. Had my first piece of toast with sweetened condensed milk! So delicious. Spoke to a local lady over coffee and toast. Hated haggling on Koh San road. Way overpriced, but what did I know! Eventually got he hang of it. $50 later. Walked to Siam center.
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