Mueang Chiang Mai District, Thailand - Polarsteps

Arrived early in the morning off the night bus, so I went and had a lovely coffee on a boat by the temple on Ping river. Spent my first 3 nights in a lonely guesthouse in a residential area. Couldn't move through the streets at 5:00pm because of all the school kids getting out. Watched the lantern festival. Started eating in restaurants! Checked into Deejai Hostel in the old city where I met Harry, Annie, and that crazy Californian guy who I was going to hitchhike to Pai with. Unfortunately I got ill. Read the Art of Conversation and made new friends. Grabbed Angels and Demons by Dan brown next. Met Annie by the pool. Harry was my roommate. Hung out with the hostess, Sarah, and ate many pancakes. Taught Annie to ride a scooter. Had the ride of my life through Chiang Mai, up the mountain to Doi Suthep, and an adventure to discover the hill tribes. Crashed my scooter on a dirty mountain trail. Thought I was going to die riding on the back of Harry's down this steep as hell 'road'. Had coffee in the village, Annie dressed up in traditional Thai outfit, got back on my scooter and drove back down the mountain. Overtook my first bus. Apparently I was crazy! HAHA. Winding through the traffic, racing the others (in my mind) back to the hostel. Got a bit lost on the one way streets.
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