Cienfuegos, Cuba - Polarsteps

Called a “pearl of south” in Cuba. Beautiful colonial old town with well preserved “del Valle Palace”, for which construction costs went up over 1,5 million dollars. It has a lot of Arabic architectural elements, as the main investiture was from south of Spain. Today is one of most luxurious restaurants in the town. Cienfuegos is also a hometown of well known musician Benny More, whose statue is standing on the main street in Prado. The town has a specific architecture as it was designed by French architect. Of course for the kids local “street baseball” ⚾️ was a must! 🥰 Best experience ever was visiting delphinarium close to Rancho Luna beach, where we had a chance to swim with the REAL dolphins 🐬 and it was a bliss! Evan and Liam also had a chance to do some tricks with them! 💙
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