Ciudad de Trinidad, Cuba - Polarsteps

Trinidad is definitely one of our favorites ❤️ It’s one of the oldest colonial towns in Cuba, established in 16th century and today the old part is protected by UNESCO. Walking through the streets with old stony pavement you may find a lot of old colonial houses all well protected with a fence. We enjoyed walking around the town exploring museums, cafés, little artistic shops and music 🎵 houses. Trinidad is ofter referred as “town of the museum”, as there are plenty to visit - mostly historical, ethnic and architectural museum. One of our best experiences for sure was taking a ride with horses crossing the countryside and jungle to get to the waterfall and swim in a crystal clear water 💦 🐴🌴🌳 That was a refreshment! In the evening we visited one of the houses with live music presented by local ethnic-cultural group. On our last day we visited Playa Ancon, which was only 15min drive from Trinidad. Long white sand beach, with possibility to snorkel 🤿 🏝🌊☀️
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