Ciudad de Sancti Spiritus, Cuba - Polarsteps

That was an interesting relatively small town in central Cuba, where we stopped for three days. Almost no tourist around, we still felt welcoming and the Cubans took care for for us. We stayed in a nice old colonial house - Hostel Real - with a nice open garden inside. Perfect place for the kids to do things for school - in the evening, ‘cause during the day it was to hot. One of the most interesting things that we visited in this old town was a ZOO. Firstly they didn’t want to except us, bit Ervin was persistent and on the end he asked for a director. In five minutes we were in. This is how things work around here.. it’s another world, someone might think.. And then the picture became clear.. they do take care for the animals; the only problem I saw was that the “cages” were too small for the animals. Specially for the lions and monkeys. But we have managed to have some talk with one of the workers, he explained us that he was with gepard since he was little and you could guess that by their relationship 🥰 Wonderful day!
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