Buey Arriba, Cuba - Polarsteps

I really don’t know at which point to start when speaking of San Pablo del Yao. Remote and beautiful village in Sierra Maestre mountain range. Main farming products of the region is coffee. There are coffee plantation spread over the valley and also the hills. All the valley is covered with a smell of a roasted dry coffe beans. Tranquil area with a river Yao surrounding it. We walked around the area, taking the long way called “vega Grande”, an another smaller walks around, degustation fresh coffee beans; fresh cocoa beans and other tropical fruits of the region. We’ve met main camerman and editor of the local TV Serrana - Luis and Kenya, really nice persons, who showed us around the area, told us an incredible story about the TV - Serrana, how it was created with a help of UNESCO in early 90’s and about the importance of TV today on a national and international level. They mainly film documentaries about traditional way of living of the locals in the mountains - so they can keep and spread the authentic knowledge around the region. Today TV house is coorporating also with other countries - Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia, France, Spain etc.
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