Santiago de Cuba, Cuba - Polarsteps

It was a short - 3night stay in Santiago de Cuba, second largest city in Cuba. It was one the fourth established town in 1515. after Columbus discovered this beautiful island. It was builed and ruled by Spanish conquistador Diego Velasquez. We visited his home in the center of Santiago and you can tell that the architecture style was Arabic, which can still be found today in southern Spain. Beutiful decor in windows and door, wooden furnish and inside garden. I was surprised to see a hidden tunel that connected Diego Velasquez house with the port - through which they transported all the gold, which was again brought from Mexico to Cuba - and from there they took with ships to Spain. Today Santiago is a cultural centre of the Carribic dance and music. Unfortunately during our stay there was a lack of electricity so it’s hard to say we had the best experience.
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