Santa Clara, Cuba - Polarsteps

Santa Clara - also named “Che Guevara’s” town. Really nice old town with Leoncio Vidal - main square, where people gather almost every evening. You may see the most known ex - Hilton hotel; which was overtaken during revolutionary times and renamed. It is the highest building in Santa Clara. Inside the hotel you may find Camillo Cienfuegos theatre, where we had a chance to see intercultural show, presented by Mexicans. It was beautiful! Beside that we visited Che Guevara’s Mausoleom, which was amazing - something like that 😯 Amazingly big protected area with great statue and Che Guevara meaningful writings. If you wish or not, you become emotional because of the attitude they still have for the most important people that wanted to make this world a better place for everyone. In the revolutionary time Che Guevara and his troops overtook Santa Clara, with a trick. They stoped Batista’s train with armour travelling towards eatern parts of the country. And it was one of the most important moves in that period. Funniest thing of all is that Che Guevara wasn’t even there when all that happened. His troops folowed his orders and he left for other dutties. What can I say? Town with strong energy!
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