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Baracoa-that’s the town firstly established by a man from an “old world” (read - Europe). Its position was quite strategic with mountains behind, protecting it and a closed bay of Baracoa. Historically the town is really important, it’s where Colombus put a cross down into the soil of a new land, which he has discovered. Lovely old town is a great starting point to go hiking in river Miele valley, Playa Blanca, or to go to Alexander Von Humboldt national park. There’s a lot to see and do. We stayed in Baracoa for the whole week, since we liked it a lot. The province of Guantanamo is well known for cocoa and coconut, so it was a bliss for us to tastr a bit of a chocolate after almost a month and a half 😄🙏 In Baracoa there is still a Haitian influence to be felt, because many of them escaped to this region from Haiti in the years of “slave revolution”. Haitian also brought a good practice and better techics of farming with cocoa and coconut. Easy going old colonial town.. ❤️
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