Havana, Cuba - Polarsteps

For the last 3 nights in Habana, we didn’t have much in plan - but crossing the bay to get on the other side to Casablanca with a ferry ⛴ - that was a nice and on the end very nice trip 🥰 We climbed up to the statue of Santo Cristo and pass Che Guevara’s war museum. Walking towards Castillo del Moro, which was the main defense point of Habana in early 16th century, we passed military school and some specific war weapon as shown on photos. Museum of Castillo del Moro was nice with wonderful history explanations and photos, how the region developed for the last 500 years.. On the last evening we walked down to the central part which was pretty lively 😇💃🏼 Having a mojito under a sky full of stars on the rooftop terrace.. hmm.. unforgettable 🍸🌞
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