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Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Although electric cars are much better than fossil cars in almost every way, too many people still have misconceptions about them and buy brand new fossil cars instead. To dispel the myths and showcase the evolution of electric cars, many Coast-to-Coast road trips inspired by the Cannonball Runs have been done in North America, starting with Tesla’s Transamerican 🇺🇸 Rally in January 2014, using exclusively Tesla’s Supercharger Network to drive from Los Angeles CA to New York NY (5,514 km) in 76 hours. In March 2020, we were excitingly following live the Transcanadian 🇨🇦 Lightning Run that took Ian Pavelko & Trevor Page in their Tesla Model 3 from Vancouver BC to Halifax NS (6,131 km) in 73 hours and have been planning to do a Transeuropean 🇪🇺 run ever since. Of course, plans have been disrupted by the pandemic 😷, but 18 months later, now seems a possible time. We are both fully vaccinated, the 9 countries that we will cross are open and we will mostly meet people in the open air where the virus transmission is much harder. Our aim is to set the record time to drive in an electric car at road legal speeds, from Cape Saint-Vincent 🇵🇹 to Cape North 🇳🇴, with Aldébaran, a 2019 Tesla Model 3 Long Range. We hope to drive those roughly 6,000 km in under 72 hours and meet the awesome electric car community before, during and after our Cannonball Run. Electric cars are the future and the future is now! Follow us (@TeslaStars & @TeslaOwls) and join the conversation on Twitter: #EuropeanElectricCannonball
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