Storbukt, Norway - Polarsteps

Destination charging, two real beds 🛌😴, a shower 🚿, a hamman, a sauna, a jacuzzi and that view 😍👌🏻 Great encounter at our hotel with Manuel & Alana, who work for Divers Alert Network Europe and do a sustainable tour of Europe 🇪🇺 with their Hyundai Kona EV 🚙🔋⚡️🤩👍🏻 They left Italy 🇮🇹 3 months ago 😲
  1. TeslaStars
  2. 🚗🔋⚡️🤖🇪🇺🚀🤩👍🏻 European Electric Cannonball
  3. Storbukt