Gironde, France - Polarsteps

We made it back to Bordeaux at 03:00 🕒 Aldébaran & Mia side by side, one of them being slightly dirtier than the other 🤣 That was quite an adventure 🤩 I’m back home 🏠 now and Romain insisted to go back to Nantes right away… Well it’s not like a 3 hour drive can spook him now 😏… and he’s got Autopilot to watch his back 🤖 Thank you Aldébaran, you are the true star ⭐️ of that epic trip 🤩 14,535 km • 165 hours of driving at an average speed of 87.9 km/h 🤯 Sun, night, rain, fog, wind, cold, heat, dirt: you don’t care 🤪 We planted 420 trees 🌲🌲🌲🌲 through the Trillion Tree Campain, enough to offset 14 #EuropeanElectricCannonball runs per year, using very conservative assumptions (200g CO2/kWh), all the more since most of the Supercharger stations deliver 100% renewable electricity ☀️💨⚡️🤩
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