Hoang Su Phi, Vietnam - Polarsteps

Ok, the road has officially stopped a couple of km's ago. First it became mostly sand or gravelly grass. Right now i'm driving on at what I can only describe as a dried up waterfall. Rocks every where, and it is so steep that even at the times where I have a relatively flat sandy "road" my scooter doesn't go faster then 10 km per hour with full throttle! I get stuck every few meters and invisible to my eyes, because of the total darkness, I know there is a very steep cliff only centimeters away from where i'm struggling. After 2 hour of this I get surpassed by a scooter with a young guy sitting on there. He doesn't speak any English, but kindly keeps waiting for me at every corner to make sure i'm making it up the mountain. All of a sudden a friend of his and an old man, who lives in a small shed up ahead, appear out of the darkness. Together with the two guys we go into his house.
  1. TheDutchyofBurgundy
  2. Let's try to reach China :D
  3. Hoang Su Phi