Hoang Su Phi, Vietnam - Polarsteps

I arrive at a kind of hostel high up in the mountain. A group of people from the surrounding of Hanoi has gathered there, they go on adventure motorbiking trips together, they welcome me very warmly in their group, while laughing at my scooter. Strait away they give me food and a lot lot lot of vodka. I mean everybody wanted to do a shot of vodka with me. sooner then later this turns into a pretty decent party high up the mountain, and since my ass hurt so much from sitting on a scooter all day I have no other choices then to dance, with sometimes somebody jumping on my back while asking for a picture. That night I got a spot in somebodies tent but for some reason everybody forgot to bring air mattresses, so sleeping was just on the concrete slap underneath me.
  1. TheDutchyofBurgundy
  2. Let's try to reach China :D
  3. Hoang Su Phi