Chobe, Botswana - Polarsteps

We survived the first night camping but we didn’t sleep much. Too excited and sometimes scared of all the wildlife around us. On our way to Ihaha! We’re stopped by passing African drivers pointing at our wheel. It was wobbly and almost fell of.. Luckily we were still in an area with reception so we could call for help. Apparently we didn’t listen that well to our 2,5 hours during explanation the day before, because G got hit by the jack. As I was supposed to be the nurse of the 5 pax I decided to sterilise the wound and put a zucchini on his head because that was the only cold thing I could find. Once on the road again we saw a pack of 25 elephants crossing. Amazing.
  1. Zimbabwe, Botswana & Zuid Afrika
  2. Chobe