Savuti, Botswana - Polarsteps

A little bit cloudy in our heads from Christmas night we start our trip to Savuti. It’s on now, the land of the lions. While driving trough the Ghoa Gate we come across the first deep water pool and drive trough it. Water enters the car a bit and it splashed on the front screen.. It’s pretty intense but we make it. Lots of elephants are on the road. Moms with babies are passing in front of our car. All of a sudden there is one standing right next to us. It looks a bit angry so we decide to reverse. Not the best idea in elephant world we realised afterwords. Once we arrive at the campsite it rains cats and dogs. Fire is a must to keep the wildlife on a secure distance is what we’re told, but how to make a fire while it’s raining? We manage to do so by using the table as a rain cover. Cooking is not an option so we eat crackers and cheese in our ground tent. We’re in the survival mode and on high alert.
  1. Zimbabwe, Botswana & Zuid Afrika
  2. Savuti