Linyanti, Botswana - Polarsteps

Yesterday we were on high alert. Today must be a bit better. We decide to take the shorter (-50 km) Marsh road to Linyanti and don’t drive trough the Ghoa Gate (as advised we realise later that day). Every day the adventure becomes ‘een tandje erger’ and also today that’s the case. There’s so much water on the ‘road’ that we have to get out of the car (in lion area) to check how deep it is and if we can get trough. Our monster can handle anything and we use all the buttons and gears we can find. We almost collapse and realise we have a lot of weight on the rooftop. Besides the struggle to get trough the deep water we almost forget we’re in the wild where the big 5 is at home. Once we arrive in Linyanti we decide to cook a few meals while it’s not raining yet. The ambiance is amazing. We’re next to a hippo pool with a lot of hippos and a beautiful sunset. We can finally hang out some of our wet clothes and open the tents to let them dry. At night the hippos leave the pool and walk passed our tent. Amazing!!
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  2. Linyanti