Khwai, Botswana - Polarsteps

We decide to be wise and inflate the tires to save fuel (?). We also take the route as advised this time. It’s a long drive from Linyanti to Khwai. On our way we see a lot of elephants. Crossing the Khwai river by bridge and seeing the landscape of Moremi Game Reserve being completely different than Chobe is beautiful. Once we arrive in Khwai we make sure we have enough wood for our bushfire because it’s game on again. A local guy stuffs our storage of wood and beer. Dodie, G and Bart go for a little stroll around the campsite and they see a pack of wild dogs hunting on impalas. Henk is away with the local guy and I’m by myself guarding our camp. Thinking of the attack of a lonely camper by a leopard not long ago at this camp gives me the shivers. When the guys are back 3 of us decide to have a look around as well. We see an elephant very close to our camp and just a little after dark we walk back. We cook just after dark. Highly not recommended! We realise that very quickly when Dodie opens our car to get some food the hyenas are circling around us. We eat quickly and I forbid the guys to cook meat. When the last bite is finished we throw the left overs in the fire. Than we hear a sound. It goes trough our bones, it’s a growl from a lion. Dodie runs up the stairs to his rooftop tent and throws his beer around. We pack up quickly and hide in our tents. Then the night starts. Every 1,5 hour I set an alarm so we can put bricks of wood on the fire from out of our ground tent. When the first alarm goes off I wake up. And I have to pee.. I can’t wait any longer and decide to stand in between the tent and the bushfire while Henk is looking around with his headlight. This is the one thing I knew before I started this trip. You can’t use a bathroom when it’s dark. That’s fine, but when you have to go, knowing there’s a lion out there is pretty scary but also an amazing adventure. We survived. Tomorrow the last day ahead of us. Driving to Maun. That shouldn’t be too hard?
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