Toronto, Canada - Polarsteps

Nope! Toronto is not the capital of Canada! Whatever we can easily give it credit for, with a population of almost 2.8 million in 2021. It is after all also the largest city in Canada and the fourth largest city in North America. It is a host city for many immigrants from all over the world, more than 200 distinct ethnic origins are represented there! So easily, we feel right at home in Toronto. Obviously, I have been to Toronto several times in my life, for shows, with friends just to run the streets or to shoot my film on Canada, and each time, I rediscover it differently. My little discovery that year with the filming of REPÈRES was the visit to these islands accessible by ferry at a very modest cost. You can both practice the outdoors, change your mind and have fun. You will be able to have a superb snapshot of the city and the CN Tower. Speaking of this one, I never dared to climb it, not because of its 553 meters, but because the price to climb it is exaggeratedly too expensive in my opinion, i.e. 43$ CAD. On the Toronto Islands, I guarantee you a change of scenery for less than $20 (ferry, round trip). No car is allowed there, and therefore, you will have a little peace of mind. I saw people there biking, canoeing, kayaking. I saw swans there, and there is even a maze!
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