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Obviously, most people who visit Toronto make the detour to Niagara Falls, the famous falls between the United States and Ontario. My advice for having done it on both sides, definitely do the Canadian side! You will have a much better view and a better experience. Of course, if time permits, you can do both sides. The border between Canada and the United States, especially at this point, is relatively easy to cross, as tourists often make this crossing for the falls. I like to say that Niagara Falls is a bit of a 'Vegas Wannabe', you might notice that too, as there are plenty of casinos, fancy restaurants, hotels and grand attractions to please tourists. When you find yourself in front of this giant, you will understand why, because Niagara Falls are truly exceptional. They are not very high (57 m) but their perfect half-moon shape makes them the most powerful waterfalls in North America with a flow rate of 2,800 m3/s. We only have eyes for the biggest one, called the Horseshoe, but the Niagara Gorge actually has two other, slightly smaller falls. The “fall of the bridal veil” and the “American fall”. Even though the smallest fall mentions wedding, it is by pure chance that for a few decades, several Quebec couples liked to spend their honeymoon there! Today, travel is much easier and newlyweds are choosing new destinations, but the older generation certainly saw something exotic in Niagara Falls. And what about his famous balancing acts? Many have challenged themselves to cross it high on the tightrope. I even heard some weirdo had boiled eggs in the middle of the crossing. A few people put themselves in barrels to brag about having tamed it. Some even dove straight into it!
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