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‘’On a hot, rapidly cooling night typically in desert locations, we pitched the tent firmly to camp on the arid Canadian plains. Over dinner, our neighbors rushed up West Hill before missing the sunset. We decided to finish supper quietly instead of succumbing to the mass movement as our thoughts were directed to a whole different experience. We grabbed the bottle of Whiskey and then we argued about whether to bring a flashlight or not; to put it aside finally, and then we climbed the hill opposite the other travelers. A few minutes later, we were there, sheltered from the noisy vacationers discussing some topics that life inspired us and suddenly the clouds turned red. And, then, purple: the moon was rising. At first it was a wink through the clouds, then she kept us hypnotized until we saw her dark side in spite of ourselves. When we left, she lit the way home with her glow and honored us by ordering the coyote to sing." From my film, REPÈRES (landmarks) (available with english subs) *** The Canadian Rockies are often touted as a must see in Canada, it's true, of course. I wanted to explore further than what I had already seen. It was during my research that I discovered Grasslands National Park and that I felt called to it. Because yes, Canada is a country full of contrasts in its landscapes! This national park is quite exotic, that's for sure! As soon as you enter the park, you have to drive around 15 km / h because otherwise you risk running over prairie dogs all the time! Not to mention that we have the impression that we are going to meet a dinosaur in the distance. Yes, it is worth visiting! My positive and astonishing points: Great tranquility, hot in summer, active and easily visible wildlife, total change of scenery, incredible starry skies. Practical links: Basic info (price and plan your visit): Camping: Try a night in a tipi is really good ... but watch out for mice ! ;) Link and info for the national parks pass ‘’Discovery entry card’’: Online travel movies (eng. subs.) (voluntary contribution suggested) Youtube Facebook Instagram
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