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‘’Tofino is a love affair to me. You catch the wave or you don't: it is the Pacific Ocean that drives us! It's endless fun and it's quite difficult not to get into the mood ... The locals will immediately include you in their way of life: the beach, surfing, toasting a kiwi cocktail, take a boat ride to secret islands, and of course, barefoot as much as possible. Even the most crappy situations become pleasant: A minute of waiting caused by construction on the only main road turns into an improvised volleyball game ... Isolated from the big cities and 6 hours from Victoria, there we are on holiday. We're in Australia in Byron Bay; it's the coolest city in Canada!’’ From my film, REPÈRES (landmarks) (available with english subs) *** You were starting to think that I just like national parks, yes I like nature a lot, but I visit a bit of everything while traveling. The city that you absolutely must visit in Canada is Tofino. The ocean and the beach, good company, new friends, surfing, good beer and good food, this is the place where you definitely feel on vacation without having to go too far! My positive and amazing points: In the morning it is fog, in the afternoon it is the sun most of the time. Tofino is more than a city, it's a community. People are trippers and are nice. There are no problems there! It's 'the place' if you like surfing. Unusual ambient energy! Practical links: Basic info (price, plan your visit, camping, accommodation): Online travel movies (eng. subs.) (voluntary contribution suggested) Youtube Facebook Instagram
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