Hong Kong, Hong Kong - Polarsteps

We spent a week in our tiny, tiny flat in Hong Kong. Despite its size we were able to rest there and prepare our own delicious breakfasts (something we had really been missing). Our neighborhood was like we expected the city to be: neon signs and small alleys, but the rest of the city was an great surprise. Our first day trip was on a funicular to Victoria Peak, where we enjoyed the amazing views and did a little trekking around the mountain (the beginning of the HK Trail). The next day, we took the cableway to see the Big Buddha, which it was a bit of a disappointment. What we really enjoyed was the trek we did on our last day. It's called the Dragon's Back because you hike on top of the mountain ridge. After 2.5 hours, the hike ended on a beach. Swimming in the sea was the perfect ending for a great day. You weren't expecting this much nature in such a crowded city, huh? Neither was I!
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