Macau, Macau - Polarsteps

Our stop in Macau was quick. We had our flight to Kuala Lumpur at night from there, so we took a morning ferry and spent the day visiting this old Portuguese colony. Our first stop was The Venetian casino: they have a free shuttle service from the pier and another to the airport, so it was the perfect place to leave our backpacks to avoid carrying them all over the town. We took the opportunity to check out the casino. It was huge! The city centre was a bit of a surprise. The small colonial houses and the facade of Saint Paul's was a funny contrast with the colosal casino buildings. It was a bit weird to be able to read everything in Portuguese but not being able to hear anyone actually speak it or someone with Portuguese or mixed features: everyone looked Chinese. Being in a former Portuguese colony, we thought that having codfish for lunch was the thing to do, but we got very dissapointed when the plate arrived and there was barely cod on it.
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