Kemijarvi, Finland - Polarsteps

What better way to break the tedium of driving 400 kilometres? Have a little pit stop at a National Park on the way. In this case we stopped at Pyhä-Luosto National Park and went on a little midday hike. This national park stretches along three fells (tunturi in Finnish) and the marsh lands and the forests that surround them. The 6km hike takes you through both the forest and the marsh, the marsh via duckboards, and via a gorge you get back to your starting point. We had another visit of a cute little Siberian Jay, who was more than happy to indulge in some of the bread we offered. Along the hike we saw some of the last bilberries, beautiful marsh flowers and the mountain ash whose leafs have started turning this stunning bright red. And then, at the end of the hike these looooong stairs all of a sudden appeared. And here the flatlander in us always has to curse a little. No other way back to the car, so up we go.
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