Muonio, Finland - Polarsteps

The reason we have changed our planned loop through the north to a figure 8 was the weather. Our initial plan was to be in Saariselkä now, but the weather forecast for that area was absolutely dreadful. We had also noticed and uptick in solar activity in our trusty Aurora tracking app and so we decided to go for clear nights and a chance to see this mysterious phenomenon once more. At 12:30 in the morning I got a notification that the chances of seeing them were getting high and when I carefully peeked under the curtain, the whole sky was on fire. Purples, pinks, yellows, greens, and we were right under it. KJELL, YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP! NOOOOOW!!!! I think I may have given the poor guy a heart attack, but we were outside in seconds. We must have flung ourselves down the scary stairs of death in the mökki we rented for the next few nights. The aurora is very tricky to photograph and I didn’t pack (forgot) my fancy camera so iPhone with an aurora photography app had to do. After 20 minutes the lights went away again and we went back to bed. When they started up again about an hour later, Kjell woke me up in a very kind and gentle way. He didn’t even take revenge. 💚
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