Enontekio, Finland - Polarsteps

This morning we woke up EARLY to drive all the way to Kilpisjärvi to climb Saana. It is one of the most famous fells in Finland. At 1029 she is not the highest, but she rises from the landscape in a very dramatic way. There used to be stairs up to steep parts of the fell but those have recently been removed and replaced by a very steep path. We start the hike in good spirits and play around with some panorama shots. But once the steep part has been conquered, the real struggle starts. The “gentle sloping easy path” that was mentioned in the guide books is no where to be found, and instead we are faced with very uneven rocky terrain. Me being the absolutely awesome person that I am (ahem), I get very overwhelmed. Kjell stays close and together I curse myself up the mountain. According to our exercise watches it’s the equivalent of 224 flights of stairs. At the top it’s very cold and windy and according to the weather station it feels like -11C. The view is absolutely stunning and totally worth the struggle, but still, I am beat. By the time I make it back down, with a lot of help from Kjell I am so tired that I fall asleep on the way back to our mökki. Kjell still has four more hours of driving to do.
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