Nordkapp, Norway - Polarsteps

The north cape! The end of the world! Once we made our decision we packed in record time and got going, quick stop for stickers (number 5 already!) and snacks and off we went. A destination along the way Charlotte really wanted to see was Karasjok, the capital for the Norwegian Sami. Let us also take this time to get one important lesson across: Do NOT call them Lapps or call it Lapland, this is a very derogatory term, use Sámi (for the people) and Sápmi (for the region) instead. After a lot of winding roads, tunnels, beautiful vistas and quite some wind and rain we arrived at the North Cape, just in time to see the clouds breaking and the sun coming out. What an amazing route and what a mesmerizing place.
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  2. Nordkapp