Sodankyla, Finland - Polarsteps

After scouting for spots to camp in the wild and striking out because of “No Camping!” signs and absolutely disgusting public restrooms we decide to drive to a campsite after all. When we pull up around 8 a very stern lady informs us that they are full. When we suggest putting Otto on the tent field, since that’s where all the other campsites so far told us to stand (“your car is so small, you are a tent”) she makes a disapproving face. “You sleep in car, so car is camper. No more space for camper, no more space for you, GOOD BYE!” Luckily we find another campsite not too far away. The owner speaks no English, but apparently, when put on the spot, our Finnish is good enough to inquire about spots, where the showers are and to answer questions like “will you need electricity?” There is a Kota (a Sámi Shelter) on the grounds so to keep warm we make a fire and we have another exquisite instant pasta for dinner. When you are tired and hungry anything will do I guess We build our blanket fort out of sleeping bags and winter duvets and put on our long johns. The forecast is that temps will drop below zero. The next morning we wake up to a frozen landscape and a balmy -1 in the car. We quickly get dressed and drive to the trailhead for the Kiirunapolku on Urho Kekkonen National Park.
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  2. Sodankyla