Pudasjarvi, Finland - Polarsteps

With a hike and a quite a bit of driving to do today we get up early and make our way to Syöte National Park. There is a really nice looking hike listed on the National Parks website but it is marked as demanding. After Koli we are a bit afraid of “demanding” so we check with the staff at the visitor centre. We should be fine so we set out. The trail is definitely not easy but fun nonetheless. We make it to the top of the tunturi where Kjell has a little bit of a problem seeing Charlotte in between the trees (2nd picture). We also find our first Suppilovahvero (funnel chanterelles) of the season. We are not prepared so we did not bring a basket or a bag, so a hat will have to do. At the top of the hike is a tupa (fire place hut) where we grill some sausages and warm up. The hike down is a little challenging but very fun too. Back at the car we drive towards the campsite we picked for the evening.
  1. Trees, Tundra and Tunturi Tour
  2. Pudasjarvi