Sysma, Finland - Polarsteps

Ever since we moved to Finland we have been “adopted” by this wonderful family. In 2000 Charlotte’s family hosted an exchange student from Finland and now that we moved here she, and her family, have become very dear friends. So, a few days ago when we noticed that our last stretch of driving brings us near their home we sent them a message. They are up for a visit and so on Friday evening we arrive at their summer house. Kjell is very excited to show off the camper and we have coffee in the car. We plan to leave the next morning to drive the last two hours home, but as always happens, we feel very much at home and end up staying an extra day. We go on a little hike through Päijänne National Park and go mushroom hunting. We learn a few new mushrooms. One of them is the Pied-de-Mouton and we find loads of them. Another mushroom that we find is the Cornucopia (Hoorn des Overvloeds) which has been Charlotte’s holy grail of mushrooms to find. There is ample time for long talks by the fire and in the sauna. We feel so lucky to be here.
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