Enschede, Netherlands - Polarsteps

1hr video of this trip can be found here 👉https://vimeo.com/63078097 With a bunch of friends we'll be driving old cars and bikes through The Stans. We want to drive the Pamir Highway from Tajikistan all the way into Kyrgyzstan. If all goes well, we'll be selling our vehicles in Bishkek and fly back. There will be 4 teams: Bob & Niek (Yamaha XT250) Gert & Bea (Suzuki Vitara) Netty & Karin (Suzuki Virara) Rob & Maarten (Daihatsu Feroza) After many days of bike prep trouble we're almost ready to go. We'll head for the german border in the morning!
  1. Central Asia and the Pamir Highway
  2. Enschede