Ko Lanta Yai, Thailand - Polarsteps

Sea-kayaking and cave-climbing, what else would you want to do on a hot day? At 08:30 PM we were picked up by a pickup truck that drove us all the way to the other island of Koh Lanta Yai, the other part of Koh Lanta. After we had arrived we stepped into a Longtailboat and there we'd go! After not so much time we arrived at the first cave "skullcave", because you could look through two holes which from a distance, made the big rock look like a skull. It was a nice climb, but not that impressive unfortunately. After the climb, we went back to the boat and sailed on. After a couple of minutes, we met another boat with the canoes on it. We switched to the canoes and went kayaking. To our despite, we had only been paddling for 15 minutes when we already stopped, for lunch at a beach at sea. (That was the bright side of course) unfortunately, we spent 1/1.5 hours there before we continued. We paddled some more until we got to another cave and we went in. It was a massive climb and I think it was very dangerous. At the end there was a "pool" where we could relax a bit, when the headlights of the guides were turned off, it was pitch black! After many scratches, snapping ropes and breaking rocks, we made it out of the cave and after 10 more minutes of kayaking, we went back to the longtailboat and our trip had come to an end. Although it was slightly disappointing, it was still a fun day. I hope to have more luck with the white water rafting at Chiang Mai
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