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I arrived in Bangkok again, my visa expires the 17th of March and I am going to extend it for another 30 days. A couple of months ago, I met Caetano, a friend of Lenne, one my roommates back in Leiden. He stayed with us for a couple of weeks and then started traveling around the world. I decided to take the early van (06:30 PM) to meet him and have lunch together. We ate a delicious vegan green curry and then went off to the Veganerie, where they have the best vegan, sugar free desserts and cakes! We had black sesame ad green tea ice cream, topped with nuts, soy whipping cream and matcha powder! ❤️ It was wonderful seeing him again and being able to understand one another completely again. Thank you Caetano, for this awesome coincidence! Enjoy the rest of your world trip :) I got in touch with Sakdinon, a police officer here in Bangkok, through a friend of mine and he offered me a place to stay. I was glad I could stay with him, because this way, I can learn very much about the Thai culture! The first night, we went out for dinner and it was delicious. I am getting a bit tired of having to explain myself in every restaurant or a every foodstall. "Me... Jay... No meat... No egg..." And most of the time, they don't understand it. Fortunately, because Sakdinon obviously is a local, he can explain and order for me, jay!! :) After dinner, we hopped on a ferry and went to the Asiatique where we strolled around for a while. After we'd seen everything, we got back to the pier and hopped on his motorbike. He drove me around the city and showed me a lot of the temples an monuments. After a long drive we were both tired, but we had so much fun! He told me his own house and the house of his parents (not the police flat he lives in in Bangkok) are very close to the oldest and biggest National Park of Thailand, Khao Yai, he invited me to come there with him, so we could visit the National Park together. As I really love hiking and I like being around him, this is a opportunity I will definitely take! :)
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