Samoeng Tai, Thailand - Polarsteps

The bus to Samoeng departed at 12 and it was a very tiring drive of approximately 5 hours. On the bus I've met this other girl, Anna, that was going to Mindful Farm, which sounded really nice. Because she was planning on going back on the same day as I was, I decided to join her. The farm was beautiful and I felt really good about being at the country side again. Being able to breath in fresh air, knowing I was going to do work that's appreciated and only eating natural foods again for a while. The thought of it all, made me very happy and I was thinking about how long I would stay there, a week maybe? After dinner: mashed potatoes, salad and papaya Penang (the owner of the farm) told us to go for a walking meditation, after which he wanted to talk to the new volunteers: Anna and I. He began talking about how I was dressed (tank top and shorts). He told me it was very impolite and people would get "sick" if they saw me wearing that. I understand that in bhuddism you should always cover your shoulders and knees and so I told him I would dress "properly" in my time at the farm. However, when more volunteers turned up to also listen to his speech, he repeated that people would get sick if they saw me for multiple times. I felt really uncomfortable because he was basically calling me a slut in his own bhuddist way... After the talk, there was one hour of obligatory meditation and a speech about the God Kingdom or something. When I lied down in our hut, under a filthy blanket in the cold northern night, I started doubting whether this was really something I was going to like...
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