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Most of the time, finding food as a vegan while traveling is extremely difficult, especially in Asia. This far, I did not have any real problems with it in Thailand. Almost every restaurant cold offer me plain fried rice with vegetables and there were a lot of good vegetarian restaurants where I could eat rice with two side dishes for only 30 baht! (Approximately €0.75) and these were good dishes; pumpkin curries, green curries, mock meats and all kinds of veggies! Unfortunately, Cambodia is entirely different. First of all, the food prices are ridiculous. As I just said, in Thailand I could easily eat for only 100 baht (€2,50) a day and have good delicious meals. Here, you can almost only eat for $3 a meal! And you would just get plain rice and veggies. (Of which I am getting really tired to be honest). Second of all, since Cambodia is less developed than Thailand, it is really difficult to explain them I do not eat any animal products at all. Luckily, since it is Khmer New Year right now and the whole city has basically shut down for the next few days, I was able to get myself some cheap groceries from the market! Since the city has closed up, I will just enjoy myself with reading, writing, listening to music and eating my delicious meals while watching series. You do not always have to be busy while traveling, if your body is asking for it, you should just take some time to rest and honestly, my body is crying for it at the moment. It was a horrible market I have to admit. Next to the stand I was buying my veggies from, was a meat stand. Injured chickens and cocks were laying in front of it, with their legs tied up. You could choose the one you want and they would get weighted and killed right away for you..... It was disgusting and incredibly sad. Although the trip itself was not very nice, I did manage to get myself 10 delicious meals (carrots, sweet potatoes, onions, garlic and peanuts) for only $5. Now that... I call budgeting 😎
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