Chang Wat Chiang Mai, Thailand - Polarsteps

When we left the farm, I forgot my phone at 7eleven during the bus stop. We had already arrived in Siem Reap when I found out and I did not have the money to go back. Luckily, two of the girls that were on the bus with me, Ollie and Mary, were going back later that day. They picked up my phone for me and would keep it until they returned to Chiang Mai, which was on the 5th of April. I had slightly run out of money and since I did not have my phone, I could not transfer anything to my bank account. I have been stuck in Chiang Mai for a week. Luckily, there was this vegan restaurant where I could have massive delicious meals for 25 baht, so I went there everyday. I was planning on doing a lot of yoga during my stay, but since I had ran out of money and also got sick for three days, I decided not to do so. Although I did close to nothing except for reading, it was quite nice to be without my phone. I thought a lot and I realized traveling has already opened my eyes for so many things and I noticed how much I have grown and developed myself already. Although I am not always enjoying myself and there are times I really wish I could just go home, I am proud of myself for doing this, especially after realizing how much this trip has already been a learning experience for me. Knowing I am not even half-way they encourages me to keep going, keep developing myself, stay positive and just live in the moment.
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