Mimizan, Frankrijk - Polarsteps

Once in a while you come across truly inspirational people that unknowingly push you in a new direction in life. Following The Nomads Bus for a week with my camera was a little life changer, creating memories that will last a life time. I got the opportunity to travel to the southern part of France and follow a family of four that runs a hostel on wheels called The Nomads Bus. Tim, Valerie, their little Fenna and Lewis the dog are part of The Nomads bus, a former yellow U.S. schoolbus. This amazing family travels through Europe with people hopping on and off, giving travellers the opportunity to experience what it is to live a life on wheels. Living a family life in a old camperbus is a lifestyle that may seem unconventional to some, but you can see that this journey is the right one for them; living with the ones that cross the path of their lives, sharing the good vibes with their travel companions and (unknowingly) inspire others. I can now say that the day I met Valerie, Tim, little Fenna and Lewis, the 6 year old dog that still looks like a puppy, was the day that helped me to reflect my own decision of becoming a photographer. Tim and Valarie have a good way of sharing the things they love in this world. They are very conscious the way they live, being sustainable and responsible for what the world has to offer and trying to have a positive effect of the ecological foodprint. Combine this with the fact that you’re part of this loving family, the moment that you take a step into the bus. This experience makes you develop a strong sense of awareness of whats important in life. Documenting the days in and around The Nomad Bus while having guests on board, have helped me to reflect on my own decisions and doing the things I love doing in live. In the end it was a lesson of maintaining connections between humans, following dreams and more importantly, myself. Enjoy the photo’s, I hope these pics can be an inspiration to some of you, like this family had om me! ps. You can be part of this adventure, by joining the Nomads Bus for a couple of days. You not only support a great family, it will change the way you look at life. Guaranteed. Have a look at their website to see where they are and to book a bed in the bus.
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